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Here are some of my favourite recipes that are guaranteed to impress - great flavours, great looking but easy to cook.

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This starter is so easy, but the end result is so delicious. Crispy parmesan croutons dunked in melted camembert that's been infused with garlic & thyme.

If you have a sweet tooth you'll seriously love this, and it looks great! My version uses a layer of battenberg cake at the bottom to add a bit more flavour (as if Baked Alaska isn't retro enough already). It's filled with vanilla ice cream and coated in lightly baked gooey meringue.

Chocolate ganache is that lovely gooey stuff that posh chocolate truffles are made of. That's what goes into this tart! Wonderfully light, home made pastry and chocolate ganache. This is a serious dessert for serious chocolate lovers.

This recipe combines two great fish - meaty cod and zingy, crispy whitebait. Round it off with a light watercress and potato salad and you'll be making it again and again.

This is a great vegetarian dish that's easy to do, tastes great and looks really fantastic. In that lovely puff pastry parcel is a large portabello mushroom stuffed with a mix of chopped mushrooms, ricotta and fresh thyme.

Chocolate lovers beware. This dessert should come with a warning. Do not expect to act rationally between the serving and eating of this dish

This looks like a dish you'd be served in a fancy restaurant but is really nice and easy to do. This recipe combines melt in the mouth goats cheese and poppy seeds with the lovely warm flavour of rosemary, all complemented by a rich and fluffy mushroom foam.

This is such a lovely little dish for a starter or light lunch. The three main crowd pleasing ingredients of goats cheese, caramelised red onion and sweet buttery puff pastry work so well together.

The zingy mango salsa is the star of this recipe as the combination of sweet mango and the sharp flavours of red onion and chilli work so well together. It's easy to make, very low fat and full of flavour - what more could you want from a healthy recipe?!

This is one of my favourite kind of dishes because you can create the photo below in only 17 minutes! It tastes fantastic and uses only 5 ingredients, a great example that you don't need 20 components to make a delicious dish.

Souffle's have the reputation of being one of the most difficult dishes to make. This is because they'll either rise and look amazing, or not rise and look flat and horrible. The good news is that it's not difficult!

This is my absolute favourite dish. Then again I have to say that as it's my wife's recipe. Some of the ingredients aren't traditional to a carbonara but wait to you try it. What makes it so special is that with every mouthful, you can taste every one of the ingredients.

Sweetly battered pannetone topped with a cinnamon plum compote. Add a dollop of fresh mascarpone on top and you have a dessert that's perfect for the festive season and is a great alternative to Christmas pudding.

This recipe couldn't be simpler and couldn't be tastier. The rosemary infused roast squash with the richness of creamy mascarpone make this a real winner.

Soft succulent pears, rich puff pastry, caramelised sugar and butter... Sorry, I was lost in dessert heaven then. This is a great one for showing off as it looks good, is really easy to make, and you might be able to get away with claiming it's a fruit portion...!

This week's newsletter recipe is for my Tangy Lamb Tagine. This is a great dish packed with flavour - all you have to do is throw a bunch of ingredients in a pot and let them cook for a couple of hours and the result is magic! Slow cooked lamb shoulder, with the sweetness of apricot and the gentle heat of cayenne pepper - this dish will warm up your senses in no time.

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