8 similar sized strawberries, stalks cut off to create a flat bottom, then sliced in half.

3 additional strawberries finely chopped for the sauce

1 teaspoon of castor sugar

1 mug of plain flour

Half a mug of milk

1 egg

50-75 ml of double cream

Tiny knob of butter

Icing sugar to dust

Strawberry pancake millefeuille

preparation 5 mins • you cook for 12 mins •

Serves 2

Watch a 30 second preview of my cook-along video below


Millefeuille is just a posh restaurant way to say 'stacks or layers'. This is a great example of how easy it can be to multitask in the kitchen and make something that looks and tastes great. This is REALLY simple to do and lends itself perfectly to cook-along with - it just requires a little love & attention. The three main flavours of strawberry, cream and lovely pancakes make a perfect flavour combination. For a dessert, it's also not that bad for you!

Small pan to cook the strawberry sauce

Large frying pan to make the pancakes

Mixing bowl to whisk the pancake mix

Small mixing bowl to whisk the cream

Hand whisk AND and electric whisk

Ramekin of tap water with tablespoon measure

Cooking ring (or empty tin of beans etc lid cut off)

Spoon to stir the sauce

Fish slice to turn the pancakes

Mini sieve to dust with icing sugar (this bit is optional, just makes it look pretty)


Before you start, have all of your ingredients ready on your work surface. Put your small pan & frying pan on the hob, with your 3 chopped up strawberries, castor sugar and water alongside. Now click here!


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Turn your small pan onto a medium heat and add in your finely chopped strawberries, 1 teaspoon of sugar and 3 tablespoons of water. Give it a little stir and then turn your frying pan onto a medium heat.

Whilst that's heating up go and make the pancake batter. Simply add 1 mug of flour, 1 egg & half a mug of milk to your mixing bowl and hand whisk together. You should end up with a nice thick batter. Take your batter over to the hob and add a tiny knob of butter to the frying pan. Swirl this around so that the pan is lightly coated and then add four big spoons of batter. Just make sure that the four dollops spread to slightly bigger than your cooking ring.

Stir your strawberry sauce and turn the heat down low. Cook the pancakes for about two and a half minutes whilst you go and whisk the double cream. Pour 50-75 ml of double cream into your smaller mixing bowl and whisk using your electric whisk. You want to whisk the cream until it has doubled in size but will still fall off the spoon in a lump.
Turn your pancakes and cook for a further minute then turn the heat off the strawberry sauce. Remove your pancakes to a board and take everything over to the work surface. Using your cooking ring or tin, cut circles out of the pancakes and you're ready to plate! To serve, place one pancake in the centre of a plate then place four halved strawberries on top, facing outwards as in the photo below.

Next add a little dollop of cream in the middle of the strawberries. Take another pancake circle and place that on top of the strawberries, then add another four strawberry halves as before. Add another dollop of cream then spoon some strawberry sauce around the outside, dust with icing sugar and you're done!
I hope that you enjoy it.

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