Fish recipes

Here are some of my favourite fish recipes. Click on the description or the photo itself to take you to the delicious recipe

The chunky bits of salmon are the stars of this recipe. Cooked in stock, with the smokiness of bacon lardons and finished with single cream and chopped dill, this is a supremely tasty dish.

This recipe is packed with flavour - it has a zingy crust and the subtle warmth of chilli running through the salad. I hope that you try this one because I think you'll love it.

This recipe combines two great fish - meaty cod and zingy, crispy whitebait. Round it off with a light watercress and potato salad and you'll be making it again and again.

A perfect comforting meal for a cold night, this fish pie is packed with flavour. Even if it's never been your thing, do give this version a try as it's such a homely, tasty dish with delicate herbs and creamy mash!

This is a great recipe for seafood lovers out there. The wonderful taste and texture of prawns are given a punch of chilli heat, balanced with the freshness of chopped coriander. This dish is a comforting bowl of food, yet still light enough for a summer evening.

The reason that I love this dish is because it's a little bit different and contains cannellini beans which are super healthy. There are loads of different textures and flavours going on, but no one flavour overpowers the dish.

This dish is so simple, quick and easy that you won't believe how good it tastes! The succulent poached salmon coated in a light mustard sauce goes so well with the sticky tagliatelle. This meal is a great one for a weeknight after work and is pretty enough to show off to a loved one!

This is an example of good old fashioned cooking, as it's a recipe that's been in my family since I was a child. The pie is packed with tuna, mushrooms and onions, bound together with thick tomato soup. The result - a lovely comforting meal for those times when micro herbs, posh sauces and cooking rings are too much hassle!

This is a great 'no effort' dish that's perfect for a weeknight meal after work. Bacon, tomato and salmon combine to create a comforting fish favourite.

This dish shows how versatile fish is and, because it's steamed, it's so healthy. By cooking the salmon in a foil bag, all the flavours from the mushrooms, parsley and vermouth mix together and gently permeate the fish.

This is such an attractive and healthy dish. It's so fresh tasting and surprisingly filling. The meaty tuna works really well with the crunchy, colourful salad. There's so much going on in this dish that you won't believe how quick it is to make.

These delicious fish cakes are the result of lots of testing! Different fish, different herbs, until I found the perfect balance. Tasty salmon with soft fluffy potato, the hint of heat from the chilli, and the freshness of coriander.

This lovely, simple recipe replaces pasta with courgette strands and contains only 294 calories per person. Succulent grilled salmon with a punchy tomato sauce, on a bed of gorgeous courgette spaghetti. This is food that tastes good, looks good and is good for you!

This is the ultimate after work meal that's nice and healthy too. Cod fillets are taken straight from the freezer and there's almost no preparation. The martini adds a great sweetness against the iron-rich spinach. Light, delicate and flavoursome

This dish is all about the sauce... too much and the fish will be swimming in it (pardon the pun!) so the balance has to be correct. Trout with crispy skin, accompanied by new potatoes infused with rosemary - all served with just enough sauce to give everything a big whack of creamy tarragon loveliness.

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