Useful techniques

The videos here can be used as a cook, or 'make'-along, but they can also be used as a reference guide. I'll be adding more techniques so if there's anything specific you want to see then let me know.

This is such an easy thing to do and is cheap and freezer friendly. It's so quick and simple that I'm sure that once you've had a go yourself, you'll never buy 'shop bought' again.

This is a great thing to be able to do, as you get so much more bird for your money! Buying a whole chicken and portioning it yourself is cheaper than buying 2 legs, 2 wings & 2 breasts.

This is a good little thing to be able to do as it will instantly open up a whole new section of cooking. You can buy a piece of rolled meat such as lamb or pork shoulder, stuff it with whatever filling takes your fancy, and then tie it up and cook it for your Sunday roast.

Making your own pasta is really simple and great fun. You can make whatever shapes you fancy, from the thicker strands of pappardelle, to lasagne sheets or ravioli. In this video I show you how to make and knead the pasta.

This requires a pasta machine to roll it out. How 'mama' would've rolled pasta without one years ago I've no idea, they must make strong old ladies in Italy!

A lump-free white sauce can be used in so many ways, that I thought I'd show you this basic technique. A homemade white sauce tastes so much better than a packet version. It's basically flour and melted butter with milk - From this you can add grated cheese and a teaspoon of mustard for a cheese sauce.

Spun sugar is that fancy stuff that adorns the top of great looking desserts. It might look quite difficult but with a little practise is actually quite straightforward. In this demonstration video, I show you how to melt the sugar correctly and make a sugar nest, a basket and a twirl.

The perfect pancake is a real delight. Nice and thin, the choice of fillings is almost endless. In this short demonstration video, I make a lovely cinnamon apple filling, but you can use whatever you prefer.

This week's newsletter recipe is for my Tangy Lamb Tagine. This is a great dish packed with flavour - all you have to do is throw a bunch of ingredients in a pot and let them cook for a couple of hours and the result is magic! Slow cooked lamb shoulder, with the sweetness of apricot and the gentle heat of cayenne pepper - this dish will warm up your senses in no time.

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