Christmas recipes

Here are some festive recipes to share with your friends and family! Some of the videos are more for demonstration purposes in this section as you may be making larger quantities. You can start by cooking-along then continue alone to make as many as you like, or watch the videos first then cook without them. Those that are more demonstrationy are clearly marked so no problems there.

My caramelised red onion chutney is mouthwateringly delicious. Super sweet reduced red onions, with the tang of vinegar and a great whack of Christmas heat from the addition of some ginger.

These delightful little bites are a great way to use up leftover puff pastry. These twirls are the expensive things you get in boxes in the supermarket.

These light and fluffy frittatas are perfect as part of a party 'spread'. They contain lovely melted emmental cheese, shredded spinach with little cubes of potato and mushroom.

These biscuits are my favourite. Give me these to eat and I will be your loyal friend forever! The combination of marzipan and oats give them a chewy flapjack-like consistency which is utterly delicious.

This is a really light and tasty dessert that has all the taste and smells of Christmas (apart from Turkey...) Succulent pear that's flavoured with white wine, cinnamon and cloves, wrapped in puff pastry with a sweet & sticky mulled wine sauce.

Filo pastry looks fiddly therefore fancy looking parcels look difficult to do. The good news is that they're really simple! All you have to do is be careful and apply a little love and attention and you'll have beautiful crispy parcels that would be welcome on any Christmas platter.

These are a puff pastry delight. Bite size and easy to make, they're bursting with flavour. These turnovers can be made hours in advance and then put into the oven at the last minute.

Who doesn't love chocolates at Christmas?! These handmade chocs are great fun to make and can be adapted easily to include your favourite flavours ie. alcohol! Gift wrap them as presents or eat them all yourself on Christmas Day.

These are fantastic party food fillers. Use whatever sausages take your fancy, wrapped in delicious herb puff pastry and then cut into little bite size pieces.

Turkey curry is our nation's favourite choice for Boxing Day.It's a creamy curry that is so easy to make, with mango chutney and sultanas creating a lovely fruity flavour to complement the slight heat of the curry powder.

This is a Christmas Day classic in our house. Sponge soaked in sherry, juicy mixed fruit, homemade vanilla custard, all topped with whipped cream and chocolate.

Sweetly battered pannetone topped with a cinnamon plum compote. Add a dollop of fresh mascarpone on top and you have a dessert that's perfect for the festive season and is a great alternative to Christmas pudding.

These stuffing balls are ideal for a little change - I know we all love our family traditions for Christmas food but give these a go and I promise you'll love them! There's no chestnut or bacon here, instead I use really tasty pork, chorizo, mushrooms and a healthy measure of port - so delicious and so so tasty.

Shortbread is the most moreish of biscuit! You may have just eaten a big Christmas dinner but you'll always have room for a piece of buttery shortbread. I dare you to only have one!

This week, there are two original recipes on my newsletter which will make Christmas that little bit easier, and taste that much better! My Pork & Pickle Stuffing Balls and my Baileys Biscuits. The stuffing recipe is a great alternative to the traditional sage and onion - filled with pork, apple and chunky pickle, it has a real tang to it and is very easy and cheap to make. My very grown-up Baileys Biscuits have a good whack of alcohol and a delicious chewy, oat bite to them - naughtily moreish!

Throughout December, the theme for my newsletters is, not surprisingly, 'Christmas'! I have 3 great recipes for you this month, from my Grand Marnier Soufflé to Baileys Biscuits. So sign up for free today to get your recipes each week, along with valuable cooking tips for the festive season.

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