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Here are some of my favourite salad recipes. Click on the description or the photo itself to take you to the delicious recipe

If anyone says that salads are boring then cook them this dish. It's packed full of fresh flavours, textures and the warming heat of chilli - you'd never believe it could be good for you!

Chicken Caesar Salad is one the most easily recognisable salads available. My take on the classic uses natural low fat yoghurt which really cuts down the calories but doesn't take any of the flavour away.

This salad has bags of flavour - from the dressing that's packed with zesty lime and fresh tasting mint, to the richness of a perfectly soft boiled egg on top. Weighing in at only 181 calories per person, this is the ultimate in tasty diet food.

I'm a child of the 80's and so is this salad. Like me, this salad may now be retro, but it's definitely tasty. The creaminess of the avocado & crab mix go so well with the crushed new potatoes that you'll soon be thinking that the 1980's weren't all bad after all.

The epitome of moreish, this cold pasta salad is all about two big flavours - crispy smoked bacon and fresh, tangy spring onion. Everything is bound together with creamy mayo and mature cheddar cheese to create a delicious dish that's far more than a side salad

This salad looks great and is all about preparation and presentation. Crisp baby gem lettuce leaves are coated in a mild and creamy gorgonzola dressing. Throw in some cold cooked chicken or turkey with some new potatoes and beetroot for colour and texture.

Salads can be boring. Plain leaves with no dressing and a bit of rubbery chicken. This salad shows how they should be done, with juicy steak, bursting with flavour. Complement this with delicious watercress and a zingy lemon dressing and you have a great flavoursome dish.

If you like goats cheese then you're going to love this quick and simple salad. Warm goats cheese melts in your mouth and is gorgeous against the crispy sausage. It's perfect for after work if you have friends popping round. Salads don't have to be boring!

This is a great salad bursting with flavour. The mustardy marinade packs a punch and is offset by the sweetness of the apples. A sure fire winner for anyone who's counting the calories.

Simple flavour combinations executed well always produce great results, as this pasta salad proves. Pasta bows coated in a mustardy dressing with juicy grilled flat mushrooms and peppers, all mixed together with baby spinach and rocket. Simple tasty food.

This is a super quick, super tasty salad. It's amazing how well stilton and pears work together. My wife doesn't like stilton at all, however she loves this salad, as the sweetness of the fruit offsets the strong flavour of the blue cheese.

This is a classic American salad that, for some reason, isn't as well known here in Britain. The combination of textures and flavours are simply sensational and demonstrate just how tasty a salad can be.

This is the ultimate after work meal that's nice and healthy too. Cod fillets are taken straight from the freezer and there's almost no preparation. The martini adds a great sweetness against the iron-rich spinach. Light, delicate and flavoursome

I love a salad that has a lot going on in it... Fresh salad leaves coated in a red wine vinegar dressing, accompanied by warm, crispy bacon and hot melting brie straight from the oven.

This week's newsletter recipe is for my Tangy Lamb Tagine. This is a great dish packed with flavour - all you have to do is throw a bunch of ingredients in a pot and let them cook for a couple of hours and the result is magic! Slow cooked lamb shoulder, with the sweetness of apricot and the gentle heat of cayenne pepper - this dish will warm up your senses in no time.

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