Vegetarian Recipes

Here are some of my favourite vegetarian recipes. Click on the description or the photo itself to take you to the delicious recipe

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Using a rich homemade cheese sauce with a touch of mustard makes a huge difference. This comforting recipe will have you returning for seconds... and thirds... just ensure you make plenty!

This recipe couldn't be simpler and couldn't be tastier. The rosemary infused roast squash with the richness of creamy mascarpone make this a real winner.

This is a super quick, super tasty salad. It's amazing how well stilton and pears work together. My wife doesn't like stilton at all, however she loves this salad, as the sweetness of the fruit offsets the strong flavour of the blue cheese.

This recipe combines the earthy flavours of chestnut mushrooms and thyme, with the juiciness of cherry tomatoes. Add in some light and fluffy couscous to bind everything together and you have a weeknight meal that both your waistline and tastebuds can enjoy.

A Spanish tapas classic that can be served hot or prepared in advance and eaten cold. This dish brings back memories of lovely hot holiday nights! It's a great example of a recipe that, whilst using only a handful of ingredients, is really tasty and popular.

Be prepared to have your preconceptions challenged. Lentil stew might not sound the most appetising of recipes but try this one and you'll be amazed at just how much flavour there is. This recipe is unbelievably healthy and really easy to do

Mushroom paté is a classic, but most people don't realise just how easy it is to make. Deep mushroomy flavour combined with the richness of loads of butter. Add just enough cream cheese to make this paté smooth, spreadable and extremely moreish.

These light, fluffy bites of mushroom heaven are baked twice, meaning that, unlike traditional soufflés, they're not intended to be tall towers that must be served immediately. Perfect for making in advance for guests.

This week, there are two original recipes on my newsletter which will make Christmas that little bit easier, and taste that much better! My Pork & Pickle Stuffing Balls and my Baileys Biscuits. The stuffing recipe is a great alternative to the traditional sage and onion - filled with pork, apple and chunky pickle, it has a real tang to it and is very easy and cheap to make. My very grown-up Baileys Biscuits have a good whack of alcohol and a delicious chewy, oat bite to them - naughtily moreish!

Throughout December, the theme for my newsletters is, not surprisingly, 'Christmas'! I have 3 great recipes for you this month, from my Grand Marnier Soufflé to Baileys Biscuits. So sign up for free today to get your recipes each week, along with valuable cooking tips for the festive season.

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