Main Course Recipes

Here are some of my favourite main course recipes. Click on the description or the photo itself to take you to the delicious recipe

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The zingy mango salsa is the star of this recipe as the combination of sweet mango and the sharp flavours of red onion and chilli work so well together. It's easy to make, very low fat and full of flavour - what more could you want from a healthy recipe?!

Chicken is our nation's favourite for a roast dinner and this is my take on it. I love the sharpness of the lemon against the sweet honey flavour that runs through this dish. Crispy skin is a must and you won't be disappointed here

An American classic, hot wings are the perfect, if a little sticky, finger food and require no lengthy marinade. Delicious for a barbecue, picnic or served indoors with a nice salad.

Lamb Jalfrezi ticks every box for me regarding what a curry should taste like... Deliciously spicy with chopped tomatoes and succulent slow cooked lamb, this curry packs enough heat to satisfy those of you who crave the tingle of chilli.

When you cook lamb shanks slowly the result is incredible. The meat becomes so tender that it literally falls off the bone. It's a perfect dish for a lazy Sunday afternoon with a nice glass of red wine.

This is one of my favourite kind of dishes because you can create the photo below in only 17 minutes! It tastes fantastic and uses only 5 ingredients, a great example that you don't need 20 components to make a delicious dish.

This is the ultimate in moreish pasta. Lovely fresh tagliatelle coated in a creamy sauce that's infused with fresh sage and a big whack of parmesan. Add in a couple of juicy pork chops and you have a recipe that looks great, tastes great and is super easy.

Perfect for a picnic, lunch or a light dinner, this quiche is packed with colourful peppers, baby spinach and onion, all inside a crisp pastry shell. Surprisingly easy to make, it's delicious summer food that looks great.

I love lamb for a nice Sunday roast but sometimes you don't want to make a huge traditional dinner. I decided to take the best bits from a lamb roast, and make a quick and easy alternative that looks great too!

Not much thought goes into kebabs… they're often made by throwing some meat with whatever veg you have left in the fridge. My 'More than just' Lamb Kebabs show that, for each component on the skewer, a little effort goes a long way.

Turkey curry is our nation's favourite choice for Boxing Day.It's a creamy curry that is so easy to make, with mango chutney and sultanas creating a lovely fruity flavour to complement the slight heat of the curry powder.

This is my absolute favourite dish. Then again I have to say that as it's my wife's recipe. Some of the ingredients aren't traditional to a carbonara but wait to you try it. What makes it so special is that with every mouthful, you can taste every one of the ingredients.

Using a rich homemade cheese sauce with a touch of mustard makes a huge difference. This comforting recipe will have you returning for seconds... and thirds... just ensure you make plenty!

This recipe couldn't be simpler and couldn't be tastier. The rosemary infused roast squash with the richness of creamy mascarpone make this a real winner.

These pizzas are so easy, so adaptable and so much fun to make. Once you try this recipe, you'll never go back to supermarket frozen pizzas again. Homemade dough is so nice and the great thing is that you can literally put what you want on top.

This week, there are two original recipes on my newsletter which will make Christmas that little bit easier, and taste that much better! My Pork & Pickle Stuffing Balls and my Baileys Biscuits. The stuffing recipe is a great alternative to the traditional sage and onion - filled with pork, apple and chunky pickle, it has a real tang to it and is very easy and cheap to make. My very grown-up Baileys Biscuits have a good whack of alcohol and a delicious chewy, oat bite to them - naughtily moreish!

Throughout December, the theme for my newsletters is, not surprisingly, 'Christmas'! I have 3 great recipes for you this month, from my Grand Marnier Soufflé to Baileys Biscuits. So sign up for free today to get your recipes each week, along with valuable cooking tips for the festive season.

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