Main Course Recipes

Here are some of my favourite main course recipes. Click on the description or the photo itself to take you to the delicious recipe

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This dish is so simple, quick and easy that you won't believe how good it tastes! The succulent poached salmon coated in a light mustard sauce goes so well with the sticky tagliatelle. This meal is a great one for a weeknight after work and is pretty enough to show off to a loved one!

Creamy mushrooms and a nice meaty pork chop. Add in a bit of feel-good from the healthy spinach with a nice dollop of mashed potato, and you have a perfect weeknight meal in front of the telly. Big food packed with big flavour.

Who doesn't love a pie? A buttery crisp puff pastry top that, when removed, reveals a heavenly thick filling. This is my tasty take on the classic Chicken Pie.

This recipe combines the earthy flavours of chestnut mushrooms and thyme, with the juiciness of cherry tomatoes. Add in some light and fluffy couscous to bind everything together and you have a weeknight meal that both your waistline and tastebuds can enjoy.

Some ingredients are just meant to be together and roast pork with cider is a great example. Pork tenderloin is such a succulent cut that it lends itself perfectly to the addition of a mushroom stuffing.

This is such a lovely comfort dish. Roast pork chops are so nice that I could eat them on their own anyway, but add in the creamy apples and the mashed potato and you have a sure fire winner. This is a three part recipe.

This is a real treat for steak lovers. With this dish you have the strong combination of peppery rocket and salty parmesan, providing the perfect companions to a well cooked steak.

This is a really simple super quick dish that's great for after work when your time is at a premium! The subtle flavour of rosemary running through the chicken with the creamy cabbage and bacon is a definite winner.

This is a great 'no effort' dish that's perfect for a weeknight meal after work. Bacon, tomato and salmon combine to create a comforting fish favourite.

This dish shows how versatile fish is and, because it's steamed, it's so healthy. By cooking the salmon in a foil bag, all the flavours from the mushrooms, parsley and vermouth mix together and gently permeate the fish.

Tortellini look great and, with the right filling, are melt in the mouth delicious too. My combination of salty serano ham and creamy nutty manchego cheese make this recipe a real delight.

This is such an attractive and healthy dish. It's so fresh tasting and surprisingly filling. The meaty tuna works really well with the crunchy, colourful salad. There's so much going on in this dish that you won't believe how quick it is to make.

A Spanish tapas classic that can be served hot or prepared in advance and eaten cold. This dish brings back memories of lovely hot holiday nights! It's a great example of a recipe that, whilst using only a handful of ingredients, is really tasty and popular.

This is a dish that has suffered from being a student favourite containing only mince and cheap supermarket sauce. With a little care and attention though, spaghetti bolognese should be a dish that's the ultimate in comfort and packed with flavour.

Juicy mussels cooked in white wine and garlic, tossed together with spaghetti, fresh chill and chopped parsley. The delicious combination has such a fresh taste, that you will be looking into the empty pan wishing you made more.

This week, there are two original recipes on my newsletter which will make Christmas that little bit easier, and taste that much better! My Pork & Pickle Stuffing Balls and my Baileys Biscuits. The stuffing recipe is a great alternative to the traditional sage and onion - filled with pork, apple and chunky pickle, it has a real tang to it and is very easy and cheap to make. My very grown-up Baileys Biscuits have a good whack of alcohol and a delicious chewy, oat bite to them - naughtily moreish!

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