Some freshly made pasta


How to roll your own pasta

preparation 2 mins • you cook for 13 mins •


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This requires a pasta machine to roll it out. How 'mama' would've rolled pasta without one years ago I've no idea, they must make strong old ladies in Italy! In this video I show you how to roll out the pasta and then cut it into various shapes including how to make pretty (and tasty) looking fresh herb pasta.

Pasta machine


If you're going to cook-along, then all you need is your pasta that's rested in the fridge and plenty of pasta flour for your work surface. Now click here!


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Pop your freshly made and rested pasta onto a lightly floured worksurface. Flatten it down with your hands so that it is more like a block than a ball. Sprinkle some flour ontop of the past then take it over to your pasta machine.

With your pasta machine on the widest setting, run the pasta through it, easing it out the bottom. Repeat this, each time taking the setting on the machine in a notch.

You may find that you've only got halfway through the settings yet it feels like you have 6 feet of pasta to manhandle. Simply cut the pasta in half, remember what setting you're up to then set half of the pasta aside on top of a lightly floured surface. With the other half, simply carry on where you left off, running the flour through the machine, reducing the setting each time.

Once you've passed the pasta through to the thinnest setting, keep folding the pasta in half, so that you are left with a square/rectangle that will fit nack through your machine.

Turn the pasta so that the edge of the pasta goes through the machine first (folds to the side), then repeat the whole process, from widest to thinnest.

Once you've passed it through completely for the second time, lay the pasta in a long strip and lightly flour it. Fold it up like you did before, just nice and loosely though, until you have a roll of pasta. Cut strips and then unroll them to make tagliatelle, pappardelle etc. Tagliatelle should be approx 1cm wide, pappardelle 1inch.

I hope that you enjoy it.


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